<>Organic Tribe Foundation<>






   *Sober* = Essentially a *Human Willing to be Accountable, Responsible, Transparent To ALL Innocent Living Beings WE Are Interdependent With*, , ,

   *Organic* = Basically a LifeStyLe in ALignment With *HoListic, Organic, Energy Source Of Life* We Are ALL Made From, , ,

   *BaLancing* = Practice Of CuLtivating and Protecting Innocent Living Beings BIRTH RIGHT To Live HeaLthy Lives, without "greed" or "hoarding" Natural Resources at the expense Innocent Beings BLood Sweat and Tears, , ,

   *Equitable* = is Where ALL Innocent Living Beings Have EquaL Worth, EquaL Opportunities to CuLtivate HeaLthy Partnerships, Deserving Same SaLaries and Equal HeaLth Care, , ,

*ReLationships* = Continue CuLtivating HeaLthy, Responsible Friendships, is Maily about Paying Attention To Each Others HeaLth and Happiness in ALL LeveLs, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, *Energetically* = "Spiritually", , ,

In Context Summary = Comprehending FuLLy How WE Are Made From Same Identical, *Energy Source* more specifically called, , ,

*HoListic, Organic, Energy, Source Of Life*

 WE Need To Return *HOME* Where WE BeLong, , ,




*Energy* = *Honoring TruLy Innate, Organic Integrity*



Weekly Organic Workshops, HUMANitarian Community Service Free of Charges,,,

Participate, Investigate, VaLidate, , , Comprehen CLear Differences Between What Is True vs what is delusional,,,

1) Organic Workshops are usually presented one day per week on video conference, because most people are not able to Participate in Person,,, days and times are Coordinated when ALL Potential Participants Agree To a Particular day and time For Approximately One Hour, , ,

2) In order to Maximize Benefits For ALL Participants, WE Agree To Be Accountable, Responsible, Transparent During The Organic Workshop,,, EveryOne Receives EQUAL Opportunity To Speak and to Respond To ALL Questions, Concerns, , ,

(3) Brief To Point Summary,,, when Humans harm and destroy Innocent Living Beings, *WE* Are OnLy harming and destroying "SeLf" as consequences, , , ALL Humans Collectively Residing on *Mother Earth, Need To Begin Addressing AND Removing Immediately the "Corruption", "Pollution" and "Confusions" Presently Afflicting This Most Precious PLanet into a Cruel State Of Emergency, as consequences of too many "LEGAL Crimes" *WE* Have To Legislate "ILLegal" Immediately, , ,