<>Organic Tribe Foundation<>






   *Sober* = Essentially a *Human Willing to be Accountable, Responsible, Transparent To ALL Innocent Living Beings WE Are Interdependent With*, , ,

   *Organic* = Basically a LifeStyLe in ALignment With *HoListic, Organic, Energy Source Of Life* We Are ALL Made From, , ,

   *BaLancing* = Practice Of CuLtivating and Protecting Innocent Living Beings BIRTH RIGHT To Live HeaLthy Lives, without "greed" or "hoarding" Natural Resources at the expense Innocent Beings BLood Sweat and Tears, , ,

   *Equitable* = is Where ALL Innocent Living Beings Have EquaL Worth, EquaL Opportunities to CuLtivate HeaLthy Partnerships, Deserving Same SaLaries and Equal HeaLth Care, , ,

*ReLationships* = Continue CuLtivating HeaLthy, Responsible Friendships, is Maily about Paying Attention To Each Others HeaLth and Happiness in ALL LeveLs, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, *Energetically* = "Spiritually", , ,

In Context Summary = Comprehending FuLLy How WE Are Made From Same Identical, *Energy Source* more specifically called, , ,

*HoListic, Organic, Energy, Source Of Life*

 WE Need To Return *HOME* Where WE BeLong, , ,




*Energy* = *Honoring TruLy Innate, Organic Integrity*



,,,Songs Of Songs,,,HoListic TransLation,,,

1) HoListic, Organic, True Earth ChiLdren Are FLowers, Sweet as Lily of the Valley,,, Flowers among thorns, We BLoom, Thriving Together Sharing Early Morning Sunrise, Holding FLower Stems Between thorns,,,

2) HoListic, Organic, True Earth ChiLdren Are Apples Within Forest Trees,,, We Rejoice Savoring Naturally DeLicious Fruits, HighLy Appreciating Bees For Kissing Flowers, making Trees and Shadows between HeaLing Weeds,,,

3) HoLy, Organic Earth ChiLdren Are TruLy Loving Mother Earth, this is ActuaLLy Honoring Divine Universal Energy Source WE Are ALL Made From,,, Fruit Trees Strengthens Us Like Fresh Figs Nourishing Our Bodies,,, Mountains Current Winds Are Embracing Us,,, Giving Us Breath, even when SLeeping in HoLy Rest,,,

4) HoLy True Earth ChiLdren Honor ALL WiLd AnimaLs in Forest, do not disturb them, they will approach us when WE Awake True Loving Hearts,,,

5) HoLy True Earth ChiLdren, Listen CareFuLLy,,, Leaping over Mountains, Caressing HiLLSides,,, is FLowing through houses, is opening doors and moving fences,,, a TruLy Wonderful HoLy Organic Energy is Speaking CLearly,,, Awake Sweet Earth ChiLdren, Rise Divine Sun Light ChiLdren,,, My Most Beauty-FuLL Earth ChiLdren,,, WaLk With Integrity,,, HoLd Loving Hands Kindred SouLs,,, Embrace GoLden Age Of True SociaL Justice, WE Are Going Home Where WE BeLong,,,

6) HoLy Earth ChiLdren, Experience FuLLy This More Amazing than words can describe UniversaLLy Organic Radiant Light,,, the harsh winter of ignorance and cruel greed is passing,,, Let Our TruLy Loving Energy Be The HeaLing Rain To Continue Pouring BLessing Of HeaLth, Earth HeaLing And Justice,,,

7) HoLy Earth ChiLdren Are Diverse Beautiful FLowers BLooming in ALL Different CoLors,,, WE Are WeLcoming A New GoLden Age Of Earth HeaLing And True SociaL Justice For ALL Innocent Living Beings WE ARe Interdependent With,,, Continue Embracing Mother Earth With ALL Heart, Mind, SouL,,,

8) HoLy Earth ChiLdren,,, FeeL DeepLy,,, Taste FuLLy With CompLete Appreciation How Fig Trees Form Fruits in EarLy Spring,,, Sense Divine Aroma Of ALL BLossoms Radiant CoLors,,, Rise,,, Continue Embracing WhoLy Loving Energy Guiding Us Home Where WE BeLong,,, WE Are The True Loving SouLs Representing TruLy Divine Justice For ALL,,,