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1) First Of ALL, HoLy Earth Children Are Responsible, Accountable And Transparent in Speaking What Is True Very Clearly,,, HoLy ChiLdren Are Specially Responsible in denouncing immediately the malevolent, criminally insane people comprised of approximately 10% of the population on this planet, who are currently ruling and ruining this whole planet with unjust inexcusable double standards ! ! !

Above paragraph in context to HoListic Bible Interpretation of Ezekiel 3;18-19

2) HoLy ChiLdren Duty is to denounce toxic religious teachers telling toxic deceitful tales, whom are neglecting to address important matters such as EQUITABLE JUSTICE AND FAIR OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL Living Beings WE Are Interdependent With, , ,

Above paragraph in context to HoListic Bible Interpretation of Matthew 23;23

3) True HoLy Earth ChiLdren Share material resources Equally, there is no hoarding, there is no high class or low class, , , HoLy Organic ChiLdren Have Equal VaLue, EquaL Worth, Same Health Care And Same SaLaries, , ,

Above paragraph in context to HoListic Bible Interpretation of Acts 2;44, , ,

4) HoLy ChiLdren Duty is to communicate clearly to all greedy people working in greedy corporations, those making unfair profits at the expense of other Living Beings BLood, Sweat, Tears have not right whatsoever to hoard Natural Resources from other Living Beings WE Are interdependent With,,,

5) HoLy ChiLdren Duty is to denounce counterfeit religious leaders using "empty words" to manipulate others with deceitful double standards, , ,

Above paragraphs in context to HoLisitic Bible Interpretation of Matthew 16;26,,, Mark 8;36,,, Luke 9;25,,, Ephesians chapter 5, verses 1 through 20,,,

6) Here, HoLy ChiLdren, Servant From TruLy Divine Loving Source Upholds, , ,

, , , By HoLy Appointment In Whom There Is Beautiful Loving Light, , ,

, , , Divine Source Chooses HoLy ChiLdren Whom Are CuLtivating HoLy Spirit By Walking Through Valley Of injustice With SouL Integrity, , ,

, , , HoLy ChiLdren Are Responsible To Bring True Social Justice And BaLance On Earth Similar To This Present Harmonious Organic BaLance In The Heavens, , ,

, , , HoLding These HoListic Principles ALL Pacific Islands Can CuLtivate "HOPE" = HeaLth, Oneness, Present Endeavor, , ,

Paragraph six, in context to HoListic Bible Interpretation of Isaiah 42;1-4,,,