<>Organic Tribe Foundation<>

Gravity Of Ignoring Greed

<>"SouL Seed"<>,,,HoLy Organic Laws Of Cause And Effects,,,

1), , , Dearest HoLy Organic Earth ChiLdren,,, BEFORE >>> rushing to read this letter like Typically the majority of people do with so many others,,, Consider Reserving A Moment Of CruciaL Honest Introspection, as if This Is One Of The Most Important Dates Of Your Life, , , 

2), , , again, brief and to the point,,, NO Human Being on this Precious PLanet gets an automatic ticket to "Heaven" just by "believing" toxic tales many religious leaders are spreading using unfair double standards without Being Responsible or AccountabLe to the people they are deceitfully misleading, , ,

3)  Consider One Of Your Most Important questions in this Lifetime,,,, do You know the consequences of hoarding unnecessary material possessions eventually destroys "Your SouL" = LiFe ? ? ?
4) In Summary,,, the FoLLowing words are from the Most Loving, Humanitarian, BenevoLent Organic EquitabLe Energy Source WE Can Define, , , <>HoListic Organic NaturaL Laws Of Cause And Effects Are Very CLear And Transparent For Whomever Makes A TruLy Honest Effort To CONNECT CONSCIOUSLY WITH HOLiSTiC, ORGANiC NATURAL LAWS OF CAUSE AND EFFECTS<>, , , 
5) , , , what most people refer to as "Spirit" = "SouL" =  "SouL Seed" = , , , is Very SimiLar To any PLant Seed or Sprouts You Are Eating, Which OriginaLLy Came From "HoLy Organic Seed", , , You already know Sprouting PLant Seeds Can Be CuLtivated HeaLthy And Happy,,, OR,,, if You do NOT take Good Care Of Them, those "Seeds" will degenerate to the point of destruction and You will NOT See or be able to eat those "destroyed seeds", , ,
6), , , this "Seed Of The SouL" = "SouL Seed" Innate In "HEART OF ALL MATTERS" from the moment of Conception inside Every Human FemaLe Womb is Subject To IDENTICAL CONSEQUENCES According To HoLy Organic Laws Of Cause And Effects, , ,
7), , ,in other words,,, when people do NOT Pay Attention Care-FuLLy To This SouL Seed In Our Hearts, eventually that "SouL Seedis destroyed,,, this "SouL Degenerating Destruction" is SELF-EVIDENT ALL AROUND US IF YOU PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS TRUE, IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE IT,,, 
8),,,You can witness SouL Destruction in many people walking around like "zombies",,, "zombies" are people walking around impersonating "Humans" they talk and walk like a Human, but inside there is NO SouL Substance, NO SouL Integrity,,, they are insensitive to Mother Earth Pains, Suffering,,, There is NO True Loving Compassion, NO EquitabLe Justice Towards Other Innocent Living Beings WE Are Interdepend With, , ,
, , , in other words, , , Paying Attention To "HoLy Organic SouL Seed" Is A WhoLe Lot More PLeasant, in comparison to the harm done by "artificial manipulations" then trying to repair and repent after the harm has been done in the worst abomination causing desolation, , ,