<>Organic Tribe Foundation<>

          Non-Profit Organization, United States EIN 81-2867464


<> Honoring New GoLden Age Of *Earth HeaLing* Integrating *True Social Justice* For Once & For ALL Innocent Living Beings WE Are Interdependent With<>

<> *Organic* + *Equitable Justice* = *HeaLth* & *Happiness* <>

'greed' + 'injustice' = 'sickness' and 'sadness'

    By "Original Design", Humans Intrinsic Nature Is To Exist Healthy & Happy most of our moments Here On This Most Precious Organic Planet,,,

Every Moment We Are Breathing, WE have a choice to make, one choice is in "ALignment" With NaturaLLy Organic PrincipLes Of Cause & Effects, which Eventually Creates More Pleasant JoyFuLL Moments in Agreement With Natural Environment & ALL Living Beings We Are Interdependent With,,,

,,,the other choice is when we choose to "ignore" NaturaLLy Organic Laws Of Cause & Effects which creates many different types of "pains" and "poverty" worldwide as consequences to CLEARLY remind ALL Humans WE are NOT in "BaLance",,, WE are NOT Honoring *Mother Earth* or the Humanitarians from Previous Generations Which Gave Their Lives To Benefit the Next Generation,,,

When the Currency VaLue Of ALL Loving Beings on this Earth is Worth More than paper money,,, this is when WE Can Begin HeaLing from corruption, pollution and con-fusions, caused by uncaring, greedy, incompetent leaders, who keep fabricating a counterfeit morality based on greed and unfair harmful double standards,,,

The Ancient Golden RuLe of "Loving Neighbors Like Loving SeLf", also require us to Pay Attention To CuLtivation & Protection Of Organic Principles including ALL Living Beings, Plants And Animals Who Continue Making Our Physical Lives Possible,,,

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*HoListic* = HoLy = *HoLi*, , , HoLi ChiLdren Of True Loving Light, speak TruthFuLLy To Your Neighbors,,, for WE Are Earth ChiLdren Made From *HoListic, Organic, Energy Source Of Life* = *HOESOL*,,,

,,, HoLi Earth Children, continue doing what is Good For Every One We Are Interdependent With, by practicing Fair Friendships, Protecting "HeaLth" and making sure there is *Equitable Justice For ALL*, , ,

,,,HoLi Earth Children, Comprehend Fully what pleases Mother Earth, just like WE need to VaLidate Great Appreciation With utmost Consideration For Our Human Birth Mothers,,,

,,, HoLi Earth Children, have the Courage & Integrity to denounce ALL different types of harmful deeds, expose people hiding in secret societies, because they are only harboring deceit, practicing the most "evil" of double standards and corruption for unjust material gains,,,

Humans do NOT have a "right" to claim "ownership" of Earth Natural Resources,,, or other Innocent Living Beings,,, manipulating people into unfair salaries and forcing others into differen forms of "poverty" is NOT a "privilege", this is one of the most harmful cruel crimes WE need to legislate illegal immediately,,,

Humans have no "authority" whatsoever to destroy this Most Precious Planet for the sake of greed or for making unfair "profits" at the expense of other Living Beings Blood, Sweat and Tears,,,

,,, practicing any form of "greed" is Absolutely The Worst Violation or worst crime of ALL times, which WE also need to legislate illegal NOW,,, WE Can Begin Legislating "greed" illegal in our Personal Relationships in order to Begin Earth HeaLing Collectively BEFORE a degenerating lifestyle goes past the point of no return, causing more harm than what WE are able to repair,,,

*True HoLi Earth ChiLdren WiLL Inherit SouL Integrity*,,,

,,,"those who are destroying the Earth, are also destroying their Life"

,,, previous quotation is from HoListic Interpretation of,

- book of Revelation 11;18

,,, in other words the "SouL" is destroyed, given up by default by any person who is practicing injustice, greed and whomever is slandering "HoLy" Earth Children,

,,, previous quotation is from references found in HoListic Interpretation of Bible, Matthew 16:26,,, Mark 8:36,,, Luke 9:25,,, Matthew 12:32